Stencils for Henna Glitter and Airbrush Tattoos. The color of the stencil can be different but the size and quality is the same. Include self-adhesive so that you do not need to hold the stencil in your hand while spraying. Just stick the stencil on the cleaned skin, then spray if you are using it for airbrush tattoos. Size of the stencil approx. 3.5x3.5in (9cm x 9cm); Stencils comprise of three layers. Suitable for Children & adults. Using Method: 1.Peel off white backing. 2.Make sure the skin is dry before applying the sticker. We recommend to clean the skin with rubbing alcohol before placing the sticker on the skin in the direction you want and press firmly, making sure there are no wrinkles or blebs. 3.Remove slowly the transparent layer of the stencil. 4.Use the brush applicator in the bottle, and apply the glue on the skin showing through the stencil if is Glitter tattoo, than use the small cosmetic brush to apply the glitter to the areas with glue. Make sure glitter completely covers all areas with glue. (You may mix colors), or spray with airbrush for airbrush tattoos. If you are doing Henna tattoo, just pit the henna over the stencil. 5.Remove the stencil after approximately 1-2 minutes for Glitter and Airbrush tattoos, and after 45-60min for Henna tattoos.

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